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Christian Priority #1

What is the most important thing in our lives as Christians?  And what does that actually mean to us?  Is it only theory?  If it’s real, how do we understand this priority in practical everyday terms?  How does this priority become visible, tangible, and applicable?

Christian Priority #2

If God is our number one priority, then what is the second most important priority?  Why should we consider it the second highest priority?  What duty or duties are we supposed to adopt in order to fulfill this priority?  How does our first priority impact our second priority?  Or does it?  Are they completely unrelated?

Christian Priority #3

What comes after God and Family?  Why should anything have to come after that?  Does God actually say something comes after that?  Or is that just a popular notion?  How does God and Family relate to priority number 3?  Is there a connection?

Christian Priority #4

With all these priorities God, Family, and Work … is there anything in life that we can have to enjoy?  Is it really OK to enjoy things?  Or is that some kind of sin?  Does God expect us to seek out ways to suffer?   If we can enjoy things in our lives, what place does enjoyment hold in relationship to God, Family, and Work?