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Mardy Ben Cobb was born in 1957 in Orange, Texas, a small town in the southeast section of America's second largest state. His parents were Willard and Norma Cobb and he was the youngest of four sons. Willard Cobb, a chemical engineer, died when Mardy was three years old, leaving Mardy's mother to raise him and his three older brothers.

Mardy gained his primary and secondary education in Texas and excelled in both scholastics and athletics. As a young boy, Mardy was an insatiable reader, a trait that is with him to this day.

In 1979, Mardy moved to California where he met Elaine Roos, whom he would later marry. He completed his undergraduate studies as a married student. His liberal arts degree from Ambassador College had special emphasis on theology and public speaking. His graduate studies focused on philosophy.

In the middle of the decade of the 80's Mardy was active as a teacher, a speaker, and a professional purchasing agent. In 1986 he began an exhaustive study of the Gospels. The culmination of years of research and writing was a comprehensive piece entitled By The Book. As an author, Mardy has been asked to facilitate gospel workshops, and speak to numerous audiences.

Having left the employ of the Worldwide Church of God in 1996, Mardy continued to serve in a local church of the WCG for as long as the truth could be taught. In 1999, due to the urging of those who were without a Pastor, Mardy began to help a few of the scattered faithful by continuing to hold Bible studies in his home. By Pentecost of that same year, it became obvious that a church was being called out to do a work. Having served in the Administrative Department of the Worldwide Church of God for over ten years, he was well acquainted with the dynamics of Church leadership. Within the next year, Mardy's willingness to serve these little ones led to his confirmation as the director of The Church of God, Restored. The passion of this family of faith is to declare the Kingdom, Restore the original faith of the Jerusalem Church, and care for God's children.

Mardy has been recognized by many to have a rare gift in communication. There is a kind of genius that can take the scholar's perspective and bring it to the layman's point of view. That is one of Mardy's gifts. However, as a philosopher and theologian, Mardy is atypical. Virtually every philosopher was wealthy. Mardy, on the other hand, is sort of a blue collar Thomas Aquinas. He has visited the ivory towers, but he has no desire to take up residence. Learning is valuable to everyone, but it is precious to the greatest of teachers. In Mardy's case, he is driven by the desire to share what is precious with those who are hungry for it.

The Church of God, Restored sponsors a television broadcast. The show is entitled "By The Book" and is currently available in more than half a million homes in Southern California. Mardy is featured as the presenter of this compelling and unique message of hope. In addition, Mardy contributes to the booklets, articles, and sermon audio tapes that are heard by thousands of people in more than twenty different countries around the world.

Text by Hal Finch Jr.