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Greetings and Great Hope!

In a world filled with darkness there are precious few souls that honestly see the light, that honestly follow the words of Jesus. We believe and follow those words.

Why us? Not because we are wise. Not because we are mighty. Not because we are rich. Simply because God has graciously allowed us to understand and know him. Due to the presence and prodding of the Spirit of God, we have devoted ourselves to accomplish what would be humanly impossible. Our work has been blessed despite our failings, and inspired above our frailties.

We are passionate about Restoring the Light of our Savior. About restoring the original faith as practiced in the Jerusalem church in the years following the death and resurrection of Jesus. This includes a devotion to the preaching of the Kingdom of God, and the teaching of Jesus and the Apostles. It includes the importance of achieving that love that Jesus was unashamed to show to his followers (John 13:34-35).

May you live forever with the King, Creator, and Savior.