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By The Book

Our telecast, entitled "By The Book", is a powerful tool. Our prayer is to extend our reach as far as the hand of God enables. Currently we use public access facilities for both production and airing. This has proven to be a cost-effective manner to preach the gospel.

God has blessed us with some very credible assets towards this goal, on both sides of the camera. Our production team tallies more than 90 years of experience and can list four Emmys among the many accolades and awards earned. Our production values are high and acknowledged as highly professional in every production facility we use.

By The Book has developed a message and a style that is unique and compelling. You will not find a religious program that compares even among the other COG efforts. We have designed a presentation that speaks to the hearts of the faithful and grants hope and encouragement to those with ears to hear.

By The Book is currently available in more than half a million homes in Southern California. We are expanding into other areas, again on public access TV.

If your fellowship would be interested in helping to preach the gospel, our family of faith is here to serve. You can make a difference. You can have an impact on the world and on your community by putting By The Book on the air in your area. You can establish a work, satisfy a commission and show love for your fellow man. Contact us for details.

All our broadcasts feature our director, Mardy Cobb as the presenter. Here is a list of some of this season's titles:

  • Is God a Monster?
  • The Resurrections
  • Apostolic Christianity
  • What�s Good about the Good News?
  • Repentance - the Foundation of the Original Faith
  • Faith - the Foundation of the Original Faith
  • Baptism - the Foundation of the Original Faith
  • Laying on of Hands - - the Foundation of the Original Faith
  • Resurrection - - the Foundation of the Original Faith
  • Eternal judgment - - the Foundation of the Original Faith
  • Revelation
  • Law vs. Grace

We welcome you to use our telecast to 
promote fellowship in your local area!
By The Book:
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