The Church

We chose a tree for our home page because it reminds us that a church is NOT a building. A church is a gathering of people called out of the world, and the purpose of a church is to teach the righteous path that follows Jesus. We are a gathering of people who reject corporate churchianity. We embrace the need to follow Jesus Christ, and believe in treating each other with love.


We believe that God’s word admonishes all believers to be ready always to give an answer of the hope that lies within them. This hope is expressed in the doctrines taught in scripture and affirmed by this church. Below is a statement of beliefs that contains the primary doctrines of the Church of God Restored. It is not the intent of this document to defend these beliefs but rather to express them without ambiguity or uncertainty.


We believe that ministry is above all else a calling to serve: First to serve Jesus Christ, and next to serve other Christian brothers and sisters. Each minister is trained in this understanding as well as the scripture as part of the prerequisites to being ordained in the Church of God Restored.