The Church

We seek to restore the original faith. We look to the Jerusalem church that blazed forth in the wake of the resurrection of Jesus and Pentecost. We believe that faith is not a purely intellectual endeavor. It requires a restoration that encompasses our hearts, our souls, and our minds.

We preach the Kingdom of God as the family of God. For some that information is not new. However, to talk it is one thing, to walk it is sometimes entirely different. We believe that God has helped us to see that difference.

We live in a time when many faithful have been scattered. The darkness of our world and the coldness of so many religious leaders make it a challenge for God’s children to find safe pastures. We believe God will provide the shepherds. We believe those leaders provided by God will be different than those who came before. Less invested in corporate mentality, less interested in control, more given to loving leadership, more generous in service. Less arrogant, less contentious, more humble, more patient with the imperfections of their brethren.

We seek the little ones. We hope to serve those rejected and belittled by other religious affiliations. We believe that among the unappreciated live the firstborn.

We believe that the greater works of Christ are yet to be done. We believe that our King expects us to turn the world upside down. We know that there is absolutely no way, no method, no business plan, no amount of subscriptions, or booklets, nor budget that can achieve what Jesus expects. Not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of God will we, an insignificant, unimpressive, family of faith, achieve His desires. Therefore, may it always be to His glory. There is much to do, and yet a little window of opportunity to do it the right way. May the Spirit of truth and love guide all His children, everywhere.

May you live forever with the King, Creator, and Savior.